ELSA Brasil

Description The Longitudinal Study of Adult Health - ELSA Brazil - is a multi-center cohort study of 15.000 participants from six public institutions of higher education and research in the Northeast, South and Southeast regions of Brazil. In addition to encouraging the development of new research, the study will be fundamental for the adaptation of public health policies to national needs. ELSA is made possible by the interest of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology in conducting large national surveys on the health of the adult population in Brazil.

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Description Stats4Good is a group of enthusiastic data science students created in 2016. Our goal is to provide statistics and data analysis as tools to help society. In addition, the pillars of the group are: Teach, Learn and Discuss. Main aim The main aim is to use free datasets to provide valued information to society. Many sources of data are available in Brazil. However, not all the population has the knowledge necessary to obtain such data in a simple way.

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Description The Voronoys is a group formed by 4 statisticians and a political scientist. Its creation was motivated by the 1st Challenge of CEPESP Data of the FGV in which the group obtained the first place. The goal of the challenge was to decipher the elections in Brazil through analysis, visualization and data search tools. The name Voronoys comes from a mathematical technique called Voronoi Tessellation that was used in the analyzes proposed by the group.

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Description Understanding the behavior of customers is crucial for large companies. With the knowledge of the behavior of their customers, companies can provide products more assertively and at the most opportune moment. For this, Datalive proposes the integration between online and offline behavior, in order to gain a richer knowledge about customers. Main aim As primary objectives we can cite the understanding of the reasons that motivate a user to identify themselves in the websites of the companies besides to understand in which moment this occurs.

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Curso R

Description The R language is becoming increasingly popular among large companies. This popularity is due to the fact that R is a free software applicable in different contexts. In addition, due to its current popularity it is increasingly easy to find solutions to practical problems using this software. Main aim Given the wide applicability of R software, Vallourec asked UFMG for an introductory course in R plus two additional modules: Machine Learning and Statistical Process Control.

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Description The control of the production of the Unified Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS) is a challenge of vital importance for its managers, and this control is central to the mission of the Department of Regulation, Evaluation and Control (DRAC) of the Secretariat of Health Care (SAS) of the Ministry of Health (MS). In order to improve its control tooling, DRAC asked UFMG to develop a system that explores machine learning and data mining techniques for the automatic detection of deviations from historical series and other anomalies.

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