Stats4Good is a group of enthusiastic data science students created in 2016. Our goal is to provide statistics and data analysis as tools to help society. In addition, the pillars of the group are: Teach, Learn and Discuss.

Main aim

The main aim is to use free datasets to provide valued information to society. Many sources of data are available in Brazil. However, not all the population has the knowledge necessary to obtain such data in a simple way. In addition, the process of cleaning, manipulating, and generating information is not a trivial task. In this way, Stats4Good through trained professionals acts in generating information for the population regarding relevant issues. Today (07/23/2016) the group works on two projects: (1) development of a tool for visualizing the data of the transparency portal (Portal da TransparĂȘncia -; (2) development of a platform whose purpose is to describe the problem of rape in women in Brazil.


There are several techniques used because the projects need since data scraping to data visualization. In our blog, some tutorials can be found ( or or


From March 2016 to the present.