The Longitudinal Study of Adult Health - ELSA Brazil - is a multi-center cohort study of 15.000 participants from six public institutions of higher education and research in the Northeast, South and Southeast regions of Brazil. In addition to encouraging the development of new research, the study will be fundamental for the adaptation of public health policies to national needs. ELSA is made possible by the interest of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology in conducting large national surveys on the health of the adult population in Brazil.

Main aim

The research aims to investigate the incidence and risk factors for chronic diseases, in particular, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In each study center, subjects aged 35-74 are submitted to exams and interviews in which aspects such as living conditions, social differences, relation with work, gender and specificities of the Brazilian population’s diet are evaluated.

My tasks

  • Assist students in their research
  • Develop a tool for automated generation of databases based on filters (Shiny)
  • Data entry tools (Shiny)
  • Automated generation of medical reports (Shiny)


From September 2017 to the present.